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Useful MongoDB tools

I have been developing data driven applications for over 10 years now. I have used many different database systems to solve many different types of problems. I think it is suffice to say that good tooling is a must for any technology. I have always thought that Microsoft ecosystem provided very decent tooling for its development community. I like using Visual Studio when I am programming .NET based applications. I like using Eclipse when I am programming in Java. Sql Server Management Studio and SqlDeveloper is usually what use when I am working with Microsoft and Oracle databases.

As is the case with many developers, I love my command line and shell. I have been a Mac user for a very long time and I don't know what I would do without my command shell. Before my Mac days, I was on windows and ended up using Cygwin all the time.

When I started working on MongoDB, I was very happy to see MongoDB Shell. It is a very powerful tool. It can interpret JavaScript and it is very easy for one to customize it. If you know your JavaScript and understand JSON, you will feel right at home. It's however sometimes nice to be able to use a graphical user interface to conduct simple activities against a backend server. One of the tools I came across in MongoDB is called Robomongo. This is still a shell centric tool that provides a nice User Interface. You can use this tool to create, and manage collections. You can also perform basic document related operations. You can also use it to create user credentials to set up authentication, and authorization with your MongoDB server. Robomongo does not really help you with query generation. You can use its shell to write your MongoDB queries. I came across another tool called that actually helps you write your (generate) queries. This tool is called Json Studio. Unlike Robomongo Json Studio is a commercial tool that provides advanced querying capabilities. It has multiple applications that help you slice and dice your big data. It is designed to use MongoDB's aggregation framework for analytical queries. You can use its graphical user interface to build very complex MongoDB aggregation queries. It also provides charting capability.


Thomas Zahn said…
Hi Ismail, we have just released our multi-platform DataManager GUI for MongoDB. It has some handy features like drag-and-drop query construction and in-place editing, and it's free for personal use. You can find it at
ismail said…
Hi Thomas,

Thanks. I will check this out.