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User Role API development with Oracle Platform Security Services

I have recently had a chance to work with Oracle Platform Security Services. OPSS is a combination of application programming interfaces that provide abstraction layer over identity management implementations. Before I go into details with OPSS, let me give you a quick background on the application that started using OPSS recently for user and role management purposes. The project is a custom built Spring based web application. The main purpose of the application is to provide services over our user repository which is Oracle Internet Directory. This application is responsible for providing user and role management. SpringLdap template was heavily used before it was replaced with OPSS through the application to query, and modify OID. The application is deployed to WebLogic Server 10.3.4. The current version of OID is which is at the end of it support life and our client is considering moving away from it. The fact that our client was thinking of migrating away from OID wa