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Identity Federation with SAML 2.0 and Mod Mellon (PART 2)

In this post, we are going to explore how to federate between our Identity Server Bus (chosen as WSO2) and Microsoft Azure as our Identity Provider. We will be using WSO2 IS version 5.0.0. However, this should hold true for newer versions as well. Steps There are going to be 3 distinct steps required to set up federation between WSO2 IS server and a SAML enabled external IDP (Microsoft Azure). Step 1: Add External Identity Provider configuration in WSO2 IS Identity Provider is the external client Identity Provider. It must be set up in our Identity Server, which will be acting as a Service Provider. Based on these definitions Microsoft Azure is going to be acting as the Identity Provider IS while WSO2 IS – 1 is going to be acting as our Service Provider IS. Login to WSO2 IS – 1 management console and click Identity Providers -> Add You will need to provide the following metadata required on the above html page. Identity Provider