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Spring Security and Regular Expression User Details Wrapper

Spring Security provides out of the box support for integrating with Single Sign On systems through its object. For example you can use this to integrate with CA's SiteMinder or Oracle IDM system. In one of my recent projects, we were integrating our custom build Java application with OracleAS 10g SSO. This SSO system as part of OracleAS integrates with Oracle Internet Directory and  injects the following header attributes for integrated partner applications. Osso-User-Dn Osso-User-Guid Osso-Subscriber Osso-Subscriber-Dn Osso-Subscriber-Guid   provides more details on OracleAS SSO application development.  Each of these attributes have different formats. In our environment, standard was to use Oss-User-Dn which contained values in the following format cn=username, cn=Users,dc=department,dc=company,dc=com. Ou

How to CAS enable JasperServer in 5 Minutes

At work we recently decided to integrate our reports server, JasperServer 4.5, with our single sign on server, CAS. Here is how to CAS enable JasperServer in 5 Minutes: List of Assumptions: CAS is already installed, configured and in production. JasperServer is already installed. CAS Apache WebServer client mod_auth_cas is installed and configured. List of Steps: Add CAS configuration to applicationContext-security.xml Add LDAP configuration to applicationContext-security.xml Modify authenticationManager bean in applicationContext-security.xml Modify filterChainProxy bean settings in applicationConfiguration-security-web.xml Modify mod_auth_cas configuration Adding CAS configuration to applicationContext-security.xml Since mod_auth_cas client is configured at the web server level, we will be modifying the application security context of JasperServer to work with pre-authentication. Mod_auth_cas is a supported client of CAS and more information can be found at https://wiki.