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How to CAS enable JasperServer in 5 Minutes

At work we recently decided to integrate our reports server, JasperServer 4.5, with our single sign on server, CAS. Here is how to CAS enable JasperServer in 5 Minutes: List of Assumptions: CAS is already installed, configured and in production. JasperServer is already installed. CAS Apache WebServer client mod_auth_cas is installed and configured. List of Steps: Add CAS configuration to applicationContext-security.xml Add LDAP configuration to applicationContext-security.xml Modify authenticationManager bean in applicationContext-security.xml Modify filterChainProxy bean settings in applicationConfiguration-security-web.xml Modify mod_auth_cas configuration Adding CAS configuration to applicationContext-security.xml Since mod_auth_cas client is configured at the web server level, we will be modifying the application security context of JasperServer to work with pre-authentication. Mod_auth_cas is a supported client of CAS and more information can be found at https://wiki.