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Contract-First Web Services Development with WCF

I wanted to write this blog post to talk about my recent experience with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) specifically using Contract-First approach with it. With Contract-First web service development, you first design and develop your web service contract document (WSDL) and then use WCF to implement to contract instead of writing your code first and then generating the contract based on the code. Most of the examples and documentation I have seen on this subject are around creating your code first and then generating your WSDL contract. There are many benefits to using Contract-First approach over Contract-Last approach. To name a few: With Contract-Last, you can't guarantee your contract will stay the same over time since it will get generated every time you make code changes. Contract-First in a way guarantees all involved parties client and server are aware of the SAME contract. With Contract-First, you can easily create reusable schema definition.  With Contract-