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How to Externally Generate WSRP Portlet Producer Package

In our recent project, we started working on creating WSRP portlets and deploying these portlets into Oracle WebLogic Server. As you can imagine JDeveloper integrates really well with the rest of the Oracle technology stack. You can use JDeveloper to directly deploy portlet application into remote application servers. During this process JDeveloper performs modification operations on the ear artifacts. It generates the necessary WSDL configuration for WSRP portlet deployments.

You can find extensive Oracle documentation here that talks about creating portlets and deploying portlets with JDeveloper.

One problem with this scenario is that JDeveloper must have access to remote application server. In our project, this is not possible. Therefore we needed to find way to quickly generate the same ear file with WSRP WSDL configuration.

It turns out there is a jar utility that JDeveloper itself uses to generate the ear file and it is called wsrp-predeploy.jar.

This jar utility is located within JDeveloper installation, jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.portlet.server_11.1.1/wsrp-predeploy.jar.

You can use the following command to use this utility to generate your ear file.

 java -jar /jdeveloper/webcenter/modules/oracle.portlet.server_11.1.1/wsrp-predeploy.jar source.ear /location/target.ear
Once the target.ear is generated, you can deploy it into your portlet container.