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List of some cool and useful Open Source projects I use

Web is full of wonderful Open Source Projects. It gets sometimes difficult to find what you need and decision making process can be tough between different projects. Here is a small list of projects I worked with in the past that I thought I share:

  1. HtmlBox is a WYSIWYG editor built on top of jQuery. It has wonderful set of features, good documentation and is extremely easy to configure. You can find more about HtmlBox here.
  2. JMesa is a dynamic table component that allows you to sort, paginate, filter, edit your data. JMesa can also export your data into CSV, EXCEL and PDF. It is API is very easy to extend. It does have some Spring support. You can also use tags in your JSPs to build the table on the view site. You can use the API to fully build your tables in your controllers. Take a look at here to find out more about JMesa.